Performance Testing Interview Questions #9

Following are the performance testing interview questions Set#9.

Q. 41 What are the different types of Performance Tuning?

Ans: In order to improve the performance, there are three types of tuning methods:

  1. Hardware tuning: To enhance and add the hardware components of the system under test and changes in the framework level to augment the system’s performance comes under hardware tuning.
  2. Software tuning: To detect the software level bottlenecks by profiling the code, database etc. Also, fine-tuning or updating the software to fix the bottlenecks comes under software tuning.
  3. Network tuning: To enhance the bandwidth, change in the networking software etc. comes under Network tuning.

Q. 42 What are the network-related performance metrics?

Ans: The following are the network-related metrics need to monitor:

  • Bytes Received per second
  • Bytes sent per second
  • Current Bandwidth
  • Bytes total per second
  • Output Queue length
  • Packets Outbound Discarded
  • Packets Outbound Errors

Q. 43 What kind of monitoring tool did you use?

Ans: Following are the monitoring tools:

For client-side metrics:

  1. LoadRunner
  2. JMeter
  3. NeoLoad

For Server-side metrics:

  1. DynaTrace
  2. AppDynamics
  3. Wily
  4. IntroScope

For Network side metrics:

  1. WireShark

Q. 44 Name some of the APM tools.

Ans: Dynatrace, New Relic, AppDynamics are some of the APM tools.

Q. 45 What is Throughput?

Ans: Throughput refers to the rate which the system gives expected outputs when the designed input is given to the system in terms of the requests.