Performance Testing & Engineering Training Update

Webinar – Running Chaos Engineering experiments

Organizer: Grafana

Date: 12 Aug 2020

How to Run Prometheus at Scale With Global Visibility

Organizer: New Relic

Date: 19 Aug 2020

Free Webinar: Performance Engineering in the time of DevOps

Organizer: CMG

Training Start Date: 18 August 2020

Cloud Performance Engineering in DevOps (Core to Master)

Institute Name: Isha Training Solutions

Training Start Date: 20 August 2020

“How to monitor AWS?” with Dynatrace

Organizer: Dynatrace

Date: 25th Aug 2020

A Guide to Autonomous Performance Optimization with Dynatrace and Akamas

Organizer: Dynatrace

Date: 31 Aug 2020

“How to monitor Kafka?” with Dynatrace

Organizer: Dynatrace

Date: 1st Sep 2020