LoadRunner Interview Questions #1

Q. 1 What is LoadRunner?

Ans: LoadRunner is a performance testing tool which simulates the real-world load on the application and validates the performance.

Q. 2 What are the components of LoadRunner?

Ans: The major components of LoadRunner are:

  1. VuGen: It is used for scripting purpose. It records Vuser scripts that emulate the actions of real users.
  2. Controller (Performance Center): The controller is used to create the scenario and execute the script as per non-functional requirement whereas performance center acts as an administrative center for creating, maintaining and executing load test.
  3. Load Generator: It generates a virtual load on the application.
  4. Analysis: This component helps to conduct a deep analysis by merging and correlating the graph and generate the test report.

Q.3 How does LoadRunner work?

Ans: LoadRunner is a scripting based tool that automates the behaviour of real-world users. Firstly, the user behaviour is recorded and prepare a script using VuGen component, that script is executed through the controller or performance center component and at last the test results are analysed through the Analysis component.

Q. 4 What is a LoadRunner Agent?

Ans: The LoadRunner Agent is an interface between the host machine and controller.

Q. 5 Does LoadRunner require a license to run the load test?

Ans: Yes, LoadRunner needs licenses to run any performance test. By the way, a low volume test can be executed through the trial version of LoadRunner, but it has a limitation of specific protocol and no. of Vusers.