Performance Engineering Training – By RadhaKrishna Prasad

Trainer Details:

What You Will Learn:

Following topics will be covered in the training

  1. Performance Testing Concepts
  2. Performance Engineering Concepts
  3. Performance Monitoring/Profiling of Web, App and DB Servers
  4. Java Performance Engineering and Tuning
  5. Heap Dump, Thread Dump and GC Analysis
  6. .net Performance Engineering and Tuning
  7. Real-Time Application Performance Issues with Example
  8. Database Performance Monitoring & Tuning
  9. AWR, ASH, and ADDM reports database analysis
  10. Client-side Performance Testing and Engineering
  11. Application Performance Management – Monitoring Tools
  12. All the materials and profiler Set-up Files will be shared

YouTube Video: Link

Note: In case you missed the previous session then Click to watch the session 1 video.

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