90th Percentile in Performance Testing

90th Percentile in Performance Testing

YouTube Video Link: 90th Percentile in Performance Testing ‘Percentile’ – a common but most important term, especially in performance testing. From the day first when we started analysing any performance testing report, we heard about 90th percentile. Even our mentor gave more stress on 90th percentile figures for response time. So, what is this 90th percentile exactly? Let’s try … Read more

What does come under ‘Response Time’?

What does come under Response Time

Response time refers to the time that elapses between when a user hits a button on the webpage until the full data received from the server at his end. This is also called End-to-End response time. As a performance tester, you can see response time as a single unit. But the response time figure is … Read more

Performance Testing Terminologies

Without knowing the correct definition of performance testing terminologies, it is difficult to understand the basics. This article covers all the important terms which are majorly used in performance testing activities. Following are the terminologies and their definitions: Virtual User Performance Testing Tool generates the virtual users which simulate the real user’s activity. Actually, these … Read more

What is Performance Testing?

Performance Testing

YouTube Video: Performance Testing What is Performance Testing? “Performance testing is a systematic testing approach to validate the performance of an application under load.” In the above definition, two important words appear. One is ‘Performance’ and another one is ‘Load’. The word ‘Performance’ refers to the behaviour of an application in terms of responsiveness and … Read more