JMeter – tearDown Thread Group

JMeter - tearDown Thread Group Logo

tearDown Thread Group is a special type of JMeter Thread Group that can be utilized to perform Post-Test actions. The behaviour of tearDown Thread Group is as same as normal Thread Group element. The only difference is that tearDown Thread Group executes after the completion of normal Thread Group execution. Similarly, setUp Thread Group helps to perform Pre-Test activities. Important Note: By … Read more

JMeter – Test Plan

JMeter - Test Plan

Test Plan is a Parent element in JMeter under which all other elements are attached. It is a default element. You can rename the test plan as per your project name or test case name; depends on the nomenclature which you follow. This will help you out to differentiate your project, scenario or test case. … Read more

JMeter – Elements

JMeter - Elements

YouTube Video: Apache JMeter – Elements (A Glance) JMeter is an easy-to-operate tool with a simple UI. Basically, it is an element based tool which has separate elements for all the script building operations like think time, response check, request, cache, test scenario etc. As per your need, you can add JMeter elements and perform … Read more