JMeter – Post Processor

JMeter - Post Processor

The word ‘Post’ denotes ‘After In Time’ and ‘Processor’ denotes ‘Execution’, hence ‘Post Processor’ means something that is executed later. In JMeter, there are some elements which execute after the execution of the parent element. These elements help to fetch the data from the response or instruct JMeter to perform the next action depends on the response. Such JMeter … Read more

JMeter – Timer

JMeter - Timer Element

To simulate the real-world behaviour of threads (or virtual users), there are many elements in JMeter. While browsing a typical website, a real user always clicks, waits, reads and then provides input. In performance testing term, the time spent by the user on the web page before providing any input is called ‘Think Time’. ‘Think Time’ stands for … Read more

JMeter – DNS Cache Manager

JMeter - DNS Cache Manager

To make sure sites are seamless and robust, most companies turn to Network Load Balancing as a solution. This helps them to ensure that their service will remain operable – even when there are unexpected circumstances or failure in any of the instance. Using JMeter, such testing can be conducted with the help of ‘DNS … Read more

JMeter – Counter

JMeter - Counter

This article will brief you about one of the important JMeter Config Element called ‘Counter’ and how to use it in many scenarios. Counter element in JMeter allows a user to generate an incremental number that can be referenced anywhere in the Thread Group. For example, if you have a scenario where you need to pass a … Read more