Cloud Based Performance Testing Tool

Cloud based performance testing tool provides the facility to run the test on cloud infrastructure. The main advantage of cloud based performance testing is the simulation of different geographic locations which helps to apply the load on the server from different region, country and area.  The concept of cloud based performance testing is to create … Read more

Licensed Performance Testing Tool

Licensed Performance Testing Tools are commercial tools. These tools can be used only by purchasing the license bundle from the respective company. The testing tool companies provide licenses based on: User Count: License to generate a certain number of user load Protocol: License which are specific to protocol Period: License for certain period of time … Read more

Open Source Performance Testing Tool

Open-source Performance Testing tools are freely available and do not need any commercial license. These tools are easy to set-up rather than a commercial licensed tool but certain limitations are also associated with freeware PT tools. Refer to pros and cons for detailed information: Pros: No licensing cost Mostly tools are platform independent. Run on … Read more

Performance Testing Tool & Types

Performance Testing Tool is a special type of software application that is used to generate the virtual traffic (load) on the software system. This software system could be a website, a middleware or a mobile application. The main objective of the Performance Testing Tool is to find out the performance of an application in terms … Read more

Other Non Functional Tests

There are some more types of Non functional test which are considered as NPNFT (Non Performance Non Functional Tests) other than basic performance test. These are: Compatibility Test: Compatibility testing provides an ensure of compatibility of an application or a website with web browsers, hardware platforms, operating systems etc. This type of testing helps to … Read more

Step-up Performance Test

Step-Up Performance Test

What is Step-up Performance Test? The step-up performance test is helpful to identify the performance of a software system at varying loads. Unlike the load test, the step-up test has multiple steady states in a single test. Due to multiple steady states, this test is also called as ‘Multi-level Load Test’. Step-up test starts with … Read more