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LoadRunner Runtime Settings - Miscellaneous

LoadRunner – Runtime Settings – Miscellaneous

The ‘Miscellaneous’ tab under Runtime Settings of LoadRunner helps to configure the settings related to Error Handling Multi-threading Automatic Transaction Error Handling: This setting handles the errors during a performance test or while replaying the script. Error Handling section has three more options: 1. Continue on error: This is a checkbox. If you checkmark this option then…
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LoadRunner Image Check

LoadRunner – Image Check

As the name specified, image check is used to verify the presence of the image in the response coming from the server on a particular page. Text check is often used to verify the presence of a particular word or string on the web page whereas image check verifies the image content only. It is a…
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LoadRunner if statement

‘if’ statement in LoadRunner

‘if’ is a conditional statement in LoadRunner and its syntax is as same as C language conditional statement. The conditional statement evaluates the given condition and controls the flow of the script. Along with flow control task, LoadRunner ‘if’ statement also helps to check the correctness of response and marks a transaction Pass or Fail.…
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LoadRunner Script Recording

How to record LoadRunner script?

Performance Test Script Recording Using LoadRunner

Server failed to start: java.rmi.server.ExportException

Problem: How to resolve “Server failed to start: java.rmi.server.ExportException” issue in JMeter?Or Server (Host) error while running the JMeter test in the distributed (remote) mode. Explanation: To run the test in distributed mode, it is mandatory to start ‘jmeter-server’ service on all the slaves. You may get below exception while starting ‘jmeter-server’ service: Error Screenshot:…
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Test Result Log in JMeter

How to generate test result log in JMeter? JMeter is used as a performance testing tool for an application or a software system. It applies the virtual load and finds out the performance of the application by capturing the response time and other stats. These stats are captured in the log file called “JMeter Test…
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