Total Blocking Time

Total blocking time defines as the sum of all the long tasks (=Long Task processing Time – 50ms) between First Contentful Paint and Time To Interactive period which blocks the main thread and prevents the user from interacting with the web page. What is Long Task? In the UI Performance Testing term, the main thread … Read more

Regular Expression (RegEx) – Easy to learn

Regular Expression (RegEx) is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern. Each character in a regular expression is understood to be a metacharacter (with its special meaning), or a regular character (with its literal meaning). For example, if we define a regular expression r. where ‘r’ is a literal character that matches just ‘r’ and ‘.’ is … Read more

Important Performance Testing Formulae

Performance Testing Formulae

Performance Testing and Engineering are quantitative approaches in which numbers and formulae play a vital role. You can not think about Performance Testing without understanding the basic mathematics behind the testing technique. This article has some basic formulae that will help you to understand the logic and relationship between different performance testing terms. So, let’s … Read more