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LoadRunner - Running Vuser Graph

LoadRunner – Running Vusers Graph

Purpose:  LoadRunner Running Vusers graph provides the complete information of how many users are active or running at any particular time of the test. It means this graph provides information about the number of users currently accessing the application. This is a simple but very important graph. I am saying it ‘simple’ because you can easily…
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LoadRunner - Test Result Analysis

LoadRunner – Test Result Analysis

How to perform test result analysis in LoadRunner?

LoadRunner - Test Execution

LoadRunner – Test Execution

On the completion of test scenario preparation work either manually or goal-oriented then the next task is to execute the scenario or test. To execute the scenario you need to go to the ‘Run’ tab of the controller and then click ‘Start Scenario’ button. You can also start the scenario from the ‘Design’ tab just…
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LoadRunner - Goal Oriented Scenario Preparation

LoadRunner – Goal-Oriented Scenario

How to prepare goal-oriented scenario in LoadRunner

LoadRunner – Combination of Scenario Schedule Modes

In the previous article, you got the knowledge of the scenario schedule modes in detailed. There you have seen two important and slightly confusing terms which are ‘Schedule by’ and ‘Run mode’. These terms create confusion until you understand the basic difference between all the combination of ‘Schedule by’ and ‘Run mode’ options. In the below table,…
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LoadRunner - Scenario Schedule Mode

LoadRunner – Scenario Schedule Modes

While preparing the controller scenario, the main part is the selection of the scheduling mode. The scheduling mode helps you to emulate the scenario as per your requirement. There are two options ‘Scheduled by’ and ‘Run Mode’ in LoadRunner scenario schedule modes which form four possible combinations of test scheduling mode. Before discussing the combination of…
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