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JMeter - DNS Cache Manager

JMeter – DNS Cache Manager

To make sure sites are seamless and robust, most companies turn to Network Load Balancing as a solution. This helps them to ensure that their service will remain operable – even when there are unexpected circumstances or failure in any of the instance. Using JMeter, such testing can be conducted with the help of ‘DNS…
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JMeter - Counter

JMeter – Counter

This article will brief you about one of the important JMeter Config Element called ‘Counter’ and how to use it in many scenarios. Counter element in JMeter allows a user to generate an incremental number that can be referenced anywhere in the Thread Group. For example, if you have a scenario where you need to pass a…
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JMeter - Config Element

JMeter – Config Element

JMeter – Config Element

JMeter - Test Fragment

JMeter – Test Fragment

JMeter Test Fragment element helps to set-up the module-based approach while creating the script of large flow. Let’s try to understand this with an example. Consider you have a transaction flow: Launch Home Page User Sign-up User Verification/Activation User Login Go To Search Page Search a Product View full detail of a product Product  –…
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JMeter - Free-form Arrivals Thread Group

JMeter – Free-Form Arrivals Thread Group

In the previous article, I have covered the Arrivals Thread Group which works on the rate of iteration per minute or second. To continue the same concept, Blazemeter added some more flexibility and created another JMeter Thread Group element called ‘Free-Form Arrivals Thread Group’. Arrivals Thread Group element has certain limitation, such as if you want to do a spike…
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JMeter - Arrivals Thread Group

JMeter – Arrivals Thread Group

JMeter Arrivals Thread Group element is specially created for the case where no. of orders to be submitted in an hour; is known. For example, 2000 orders are purchased on an e-commerce every day, 1000 movie tickets are booked every hour on a movie ticket booking application, 10 licenses of software are purchased every minute…
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