Category: JMeter Tips

How to get current date and time in seconds in JMeter?

Generate epoch timestamp in seconds in JMeter script. The simple way to generate the timestamp in second in JMeter script. Instead of using ${__time()}

JMeter Non-GUI mode

Non-GUI mode is recommended as a test execution mode in JMeter. JMeter consumes less memory in Non-GUI mode which helps to accommodate more threads.

Blank JMeter HTML Report

Sometimes JMeter generates blank HTML report. This issue is the issue with scripting and hence blank or empty JMeter HTML report generates.

Capture Last Dynamic Value in JMeter

In JMeter, “__V” is a nested variable function and helps to capture the last dynamic value eventhough the no. of dynamic values varies in the response.

Sharing mode of CSV Data Set Config

Understand the sharing modes of CSV Data Set Config in JMeter with example. Sharing modes are All Thread Groups, Current Thread Group, Current Thread & Edit

Render random links in JMeter

JMeter provides “HTML Link Parser” Pre-Processor which extracts all the HTML links available on the web page and passes them in random manner to render.