Customise Request Summary Legends

Customise Request Summary in JMeter Dashboard Report

In general, the “Request Summary” of JMeter HTML Report has a Pie Chart with “OK” and “KO” legends. These two legends show the pass and fail percentage of the total request executed during the test. OK stands for Success and KO stands for Failure But, there is no such valid meaning of KO here. And … Read more

Automate JMeter Script Backup

Automate JMeter Script Backup

JMeter has an automated process to take the backup of each Test Plan or Script that you create. This is a good feature for a performance tester to save his work from any unexpected loss. This backup is available into the “backups” folder of JMeter directory. By the way, you do not need to set … Read more

JMeter Undo & Redo options

How to enable JMeter Undo and Redo Options

Undo and Redo are the very basic feature of any Editor or any IDE. It is really annoying that if such a basic feature is not found in JMeter. Here is the catch. JMeter has this feature but not by default and therefore we have to enable it from our end. JMeter team believes in … Read more

Common JMeter Dashboard Report – Applicable to all scenarios

Common Dashboard Report Generation

In the previous post, you have seen how to generate a JMeter Dashboard Report in proper format by doing some simple changes in “”. Those changes are simple but dedicated to a particular test. If you have another test with different transaction controller name then again you need to update the “” file especially the … Read more